The Restricted Phoenix

Kane Bullock

This is the new World Trade Centre, built in remembrance of 9/11. This building will remain the tallest building in NYC out of respect and remembrance.

Kane Bullock started his photography journey 2 years ago with a Pentax MZ-50 and some Kodak Portra 400. This initial step has pushed him into other forms of photography such as: aerial, street, urban and travel photography.  His need for adventure and exploration have been the perfect vector to drive his photography to both natural and urban landscapes.

Kane’s background lies as Critical Care Emergency Nurse. A job which pertains to high stress and seeing people at their best and their worst.  Photography requires a universally different mindset and outlook, which gives Kane both drive and creativity. One day he hopes to be able to combine the two professions. 

Kane hopes that his work can inspire others to do what scares them and to use this drive and inspiration to push through mental boundaries.  He also encourages others to do more, all the time, just do more.

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