Laurent Moulager (A.K.A. Hipstoresk) was born in France, and worked as Creative Director for many years worked in the US, United Kingdom and Morocco.

He has shown his work in exhibitions in France, Switzerland, Morocco, and the US. He currently lives in Paris.

“I want my pictures to provoke. I want the viewer to be struck, with a level of discomfort and yet a with a sense of beauty. I do not edit my pictures with Photoshop, instead I work in real time creating startling effects during the photoshoot. In post production I work only on the saturation, clarity, brightness and contrast.

I like it when viewers do not instantly recognise what they are looking at, when they need to think, to take some time to look at what they see and ask themselves questions. I like it when the background mixes with the foreground, as this is part of the body, and the personality of the subject.

I want to give more depth to the expression, blend with the subject so you cannot see where it starts and ends, and offer another kind of expression.

The human body, any kind of body, the gestures, the expressions are what they are, and through them, I try to tell people’s stories as well as my own.”