Volkmar Thorandt (Germany) was born in the 50th in the former East Germany near to Leipzig. He used to take photographs already when he was a child. In the 70th he studied mathematics.

Afterwards he graduated from university with PhD and has been engaged for a long time in the field of radio astronomy. But he never forgot his old passion photography. Together with friends he organized numerous exhibitions. There are different fields of photography which he is interested in.

Landscape, architecture, Lost Places, and urban life photography are important examples. But most inspiring for him is the photographic exploration of the female beauty where he tries to find it's timelessness. The used equipment is not the primary focus in his work.

He uses digital, analog as well as instant cameras and one of the preferred techniques is the photomontage. Important for him is to create a kind of photography which reflects his minimalist view of the world and to trigger a lasting impression on the viewers.