We are delighted to announce our collaboration with up and coming French Street Artist Warren Podguszer A.K.A. Wawapod! His artworks are only available by contacting us here.


"Young Parisian painter and photographer, I take great pleasure in creating, capturing and sharing with you all these things that seem beautiful to me. With photography and painting, I manage to express myself in another way, and it is always with great enthusiasm that I share my photos and paintings."


"I took great pleasure in creating these colorful universes with references from our past or our present. I also like to provoke various reactions in the reader by adding sentences to give food for thought, make people laugh or denounce. Passionate about art, I also have fun taking well-known works and integrating them into my style. Like a journey inside my head, through my thoughts and inspirations." Discover his work at the Broadbeach's Gallery!