Snow Dune

Ommund Ogard

The wind has formed the snow dune in a hillside. The early winter light creates shadows and emphasizes the textures in the snow dune.

Ommund Øgård (Norway) was born in 1956 and now lives in Trondheim. He retired from his software engineering job in 2019. He became a member of the camera club Trondhjems Kameraklubb in 2012 and has since then participated in several local, national, and international photo competitions. Several of the pictures available here have been accepted at the Trierenberg International Super Circuit. In addition, Øgård has also participated in several exhibitions together with Trondhjems Kameraklubb: Nordic Light, Trondheim Kunstforening, and in cooperation with Trondheim Naturvernforbund.

One of the trends in his photography is to capture and emphasize natural patterns of light, texture, and form, especially in snow and ice. The motive is typically a narrow part of a natural snow or ice formation. Exposure and contrast are then adjusted in post processing to reveal and emphasize texture and colours, especially the blue tones in the early winter light. The blue colours and the narrow perspective give the pictures an abstract character where the proportions and sense of scale become slightly ambiguous and leave some room for interpretation to the viewer.


Collections: Abstract, Landscape, Ommund Øgård

Category: abstract, blue, dune, grey, landscape, snow

Type: Art Photography

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