Mitch Brown (USA) is an Hawaii based underwater photographer. He moved from Ohio to Hawaii near the end of 2017. He did not grow up around the ocean and prior to moving to Hawaii had never really been in the ocean. The oceans power surprised him, but it didn’t stop him from wanting to spend all his time there. He started snorkelling. Snorkelling evolved to underwater photography and then a desire to learn free diving. He since have fallen in love with underwater photography. Underwater photography started more as a hobby for him. As he got more integrated into the dive community, he started to meet more and more amazing photographers. His standards for what he would share with the world slowly rose. He's constantly learning and stoked to see the way his photography continues to evolve. 

He primarily take photos in caves and shipwrecks whenever he can (sometimes those can be hard to get to). Wreck diving is his favorite. So many angles and ways to position a subject to get an unreal looking shot. Underwater caves are a really fun place to take pictures. "It’s all about using the small amount of light you’re given to light up a scene". He is not scared of the ocean anymore, but is constantly humbled by it and know it deserves our utmost respect. 


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