Windy Humpback Breach

Vincent Shay

"A friend of mine had a zodiac and asked me if I wanted to go out and see if I could get a couple shots of the humpback whales. Since I was mainly photographing from a kayak, which truly can be difficult, I said 'heck ya!'.  We spotted a large group of whales around Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and was greeted to about 20-25 whales and multiple sea lions feeding. All of a sudden, around 5 pm, they stopped...silence then FULL breaching all around the boat started. It was windy and bumpy but I managed a couple shots. Some too close actually...but it was wild."

Vincent Shay (USA) is an award winning videographer and photographer from the Central Coast of California residing in Los Osos, California. 

For the last 40 years, he has tried to achieve a life long goal of moving himself to a more close view of the beauty of what life has to offer. He loves the ocean... and everything about it and it just so happens he lives in Central California where life abounds. 

In 1982, he got lucky to call this place home and hope through his images to show others his perspective of how awesome and raw this place is. "I don't pick my camera up for money anymore...that just seemed like a 'job' and less than liked it.  The last ten years I am happy to work in the active outdoor industry owning Avila Beach Paddlesports with my wife, Em, and only take photos for myself. If others love the images and maybe want to purchase them for their own homes or galleries, I am truly honoured".


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