White Out IV

Roland Kramer

The whiteout series is a series about the wintery landscapes. The reduced patterns. The minimalistic approach of nature. During the cold time of the year. During a whiteout.

Roland Kraemer is an uprising outdoor & landscape photographer based in the heart of the Black Forest / Germany.

Born and raised in southern Germany he always had a strong connection to nature, which later in his life lead to a photographic passion in documenting nature. Roland loves exploring the raw nature of his surroundings and capturing the moment of joy you feel being outside. On a mountain peak. Deep in the forest. Exposed to a snowstorm. Always on the search for interesting compositions, patters and objects that represent the beauty in the simple.

His work focuses on minimalism & simplicity in nature. In his pictures he showcases parts of nature that tend to be overlooked. Parts that show their beauty at the second glance. His body of work features landscapes of regions such as the Alps, Southern Bavaria and the Black Forest. Everything created close to where he is based.


Collections: Landscape, Roland Krämer

Category: germany, landscape, minimalistic, snow, tree

Type: Art Photography

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