Untitled in a bed of light

Evla Vlasicova

This is a scan of film FOMA 400. I used Canon EOS3000N with 50/2.8 lens and selftimer to shot myself. It was an early morning in Prague /I went to visit my friend Illy Wonka – Czech photographer/. I’ve never made any print of this shot and only presentation is via internet.

Evla Vlasicova (Slovakia) come from Prievidza. After graduating from the Technical University in Zvolen, she decided to start a family. She was discovering Slovakia and people in different cities: Bratislava, Košice, Humenné. She did not come to Bratislava to study or work, like many other people, but because of love. She found a job and now divide her free time between her family and amateur art photography. 

Total lack of interest in digital technologies forced her to learn original historical photographic techniques and to use mainly mechanical camera without batteries. She only use analog methods: Cyanotype, Van Dyke, Bromoil, Wetplate collodion process and Lith-print. She mix all the necessary solutions at home according to original formulas with my own improvements.


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