The Passion for Triumph

Petr Flynt

Each artwork from this series are available as the original version or the altered version with a title and a few words from the artist. At check-out, please specific in the notes which one you wish to order. Don't worry if not mentioned, our staff will contact you for confirmation.

Petr Flynt (Czech Republic), pseudonym, was born in 1952. He's an independent/self-reliant Czech photographer. A quiet, straighforward, reliable person with a doctor occupation. His artworks have always tended to iniciate controversy and opposition of the authorities. The author creates his own unique dream world in an extremely tiny space of his humble home that requires making photos by a wide angle lens. More than 1000 negatives are dominated by naked women arranged as if they form part of an unusual, paradox, surreal stage.

Flynt differs from the mainstream act photography in a metaphorical message and in a search of hidden underneath beauty in objects of the real life. There is an apparent connection to the poetry of surrealism as well as addition of a certain humorous perspective to the viewer.

Nowadays, the society demands an art without a destructive impression. What is needed is a charm, poetry. An important aspect of an artwork contrasting from a kitsch is the aspect of humour and irony, which is evident not only from the visual surface of the artwork but also from the name. The name of an photo is not about pointing a theme, it reveals/provides the characteristics of emotions moving the photographs into another horizon.

Camera used: Zenza Bronika 6x4,5 photos produced into Ilford FP4 film. The negative is moved into the digital form.


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