Phil Mckay

"Temptation is about vanity art galleries. A vanity art gallery is where artists pays galleries huge fees to exhibit their work and also promises the artist of more exhibitions and promote their artwork through other art agents etc.
Vanity galleries are in it to line their own pockets and to make as much money as they can from artists. The artists are left with no exhibitions, no promotion for their artworks and have lost a lot of money."

Phil Mckay (UK), is self taught award winning digital artist from Liverpool. His art has been exhibited in many galleries across the world.

He started to create surreal art when he came across the work of Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte and graphic designer Storm Thorgerson who was better known for designing music album covers for Pink Floyd.

He would describe the art he creates as idiotic with scenes of unreality and imaginary places that come from his own imagination.


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