Sunbathing In Capri

Slim Aarons

Amazing print from Slim Aarons.

Catherine Wilke joins the topless sunbathers - along with Elisabetta Catalano, Charlotte Ticken and Pamela Grupas - on the island of Capri, Italy, in August 1980.

Over the course of a career lasting half a century, Slim Aarons (1916-2006) portrayed high society, aristocracy, authors, artists, business icons, the celebrated and their milieu. In doing so, he captured a golden age of wealth, privilege, beauty and leisure that occurred alongside—but quite separate from—the cultural and political backdrop of the second half of the Twentieth Century.

This print is 91x61cm, mounted on aluminium with a premium acrylic finish on top. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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