Sophie Thouvenin

Cosmic trip of a flower with an explosion of light. 

Sophie Thouvenin (France) has been exploring the world through her prisms since adolescence. Her vision of the small world is soft, inspired by childhood and simple things from everyday life.

With macro photography, she finds her own visual identity and the way to travel from any subject. Her fascination with the vegetal world comes from her contemplative childhood and her love for the countless colours and textures found in nature. Macro-photography gives her sensations of well-being and gives her access to her own dreams. From a flower, she will make abstract images or kind of soft portraits.

That's why her touch can also be found in the theme of the portrait, approached under soft angles, where the personality of the model is apparent, suggested by a glance, a flutter of the eyelashes, or a rebellious lock of hair.


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