Pre-hunting Concentration

Marco Battaglia

"The fear of losing the prey, mixed with an untouchable concentration. These were the vibes that I felt just a couple of meters away from this huge lion."

Marco Battaglia (Italy) is a young photographer born in 1996. He started to get hands on a camera when he was a teenager, mostly attracted by portraits and landscapes. At the early age of 18, he left his hometown in Rome to embark on a never ending worldwide journey. Driven by this travel spirit, in 2019 he flies off to South Africa, discovering an innate care for nature, animals and the raw wildlife.

Marco loves the outdoors, natural light prevails in his works indeed. His photography style tends to be well structured and exposed to vivid colours. The constant traveling brought a sense of storytelling to his photographs, which are able to express themselves, carrying out the audience's eyes into these emblematic scenarios, as if they were experiencing them on their skin.

As of today, he settled down in London, and his dream in the closet remains faithful to working as a wildlife photographer.

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