Maison Blanche Care Kit

Maison Blanche

Care for your Maison Blanche candle in the optimal and luxurious way with our minimalistic style candle care kit. Featuring a Wick Trimmer, Snuffer and Lighter presented in a matte black box, this candle care kit is a great add on to any candle lovers collection.

Wick Trimmer: To ensure that your Maison Blanche candle performs, you must always trim the wicks before every burn. This encourages an even and safe burn whilst helping to eliminate soot. To use, place the trimmers on the surface of your hardened wax candle, and simply trim the wick before burning. This tool is designed to guide you to cut the wick at the correct length for burning.

Snuffer: To safely extinguish your Maison Blanche candle, hover this snuffer over the flame as close to the wax pool as possible. Blowing candles out can cause the flame to jump to nearby surfaces or the wax to splash resulting in staining or burns to skin or surfaces nearby.

Lighter: This sleek pen lighter is the no fuss way to light your Maison Blanche candle, leaving behind no burnt match smell! The lighters come filled, and can be refilled for years to come.

Matte Black

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