Love the Twilight

Victoria McNeill

A handheld, slow-shutter pan of an Eastern Suburbs beach at dusk.

Victoria McNeill (Australia) is a Sydney based image creator with a background in Graphic Design. Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand she spent much of her early life surrounded by beaches indulging in windsurfing and sailing. Graduating from AUT, she moved to Sydney to further her career, spending several years designing for the corporate world in the areas of brand and project management, design and art direction. 

Having been traditionally trained in photography and with a ‘you only get one chance’ attitude, she approaches using digital photography the same way. Her works look closely at the landscape, and its relationship with the sea and sky. Victoria explores its everchanging forms and aims to help people renew awareness and appreciation of their environment, always trying to avoid much represented clichés of coastline imagery. 


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