Life and Times

Mike Stacey

Shot during one of ‘those’ nights.

Mike Stacey is a photographer who has had a camera in his hand all his life, capturing aspects of life that move him, from landscapes and wild places to humans and all their complexities.

He started photography 44 years ago and was inspired for a long time by nature. The camera became something that accompanied him on trips into nature and he found he had an expressive voice with it - to say the things he felt in a more moving and truthful way than resorting to spoken or written language.

His base photographic work is centred on capturing something intimate of a person. Something more intimate than nudity or other physical aspects. The primitive heart. A moment where there is a sense of overpowering presence.

A moment of intense connection. A moment of sensuality and experience, of humanity, of beauty. His focus is on the aspects he feels rather than the things he sees.


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