Les Danseuses de Guingamp


Les Danseuses de Guingamp is so special to me : I was supposed to work with Clara and Aline, two of my favorites models. Malika, a formidable looking girl, came to me and asked me « do you mind if I attend the shooting »? I answer her : « you’re not gonna to attend, you are gonna participate it with Aline and Clara ». Aren’t they so incredible?

Ifig was born in 1966. He learns photography very early on from his father, a passionate amateur. His first photographic and sentimental emotions are intertwined. His photos of Brittany beaches are perhaps at this time his way of sublimating his disappointed love hopes. But, too late! The passion for photography is there! It will be interrupted by his medical studies, but for all these years the photo virus will still be present.

His photographic sense is enriched by thirty years of influences, finding their roots in painting, cinema or photography. We can cite artists as diverse as Jean Loup Sieff, Helmut Newton, Roy Stuart, Aaricia Varandas or Yves-Marie Péron. In short, the expression of a quest for beauty as a link between his stretched beaches, his lacive nudes and his dark-eyed portraits ...

Ifig is present in many private collections. He exhibits at the Molitor, and in several Parisian galleries.


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