Kato, Lost Souls

Nina Nikolovska

Bringing original farm scull to life - Horse. Cleaned and bleached scull with perforated plaster stuck to the scull to create a unique sculptural element which has been photographed with smoke to show light, illumination, vibration, frequency, life.

Nina Nikolovska (Australia) was born in Skopje, Macedonia. Lived in New Zealand and Australia and currently practices Architecture and Art in her Melbourne based practice called Nina Nikolovska Architects. She went to study Bachelor of Architecture at Unitec New Zealand from 1999-2003.

Nina has gained University acknowledgment as she received the 'Designer of the Year Award 2001' being recognised as having an X-factor which lead to publishing an article in Architecture New Zealand 2002 Nov-Dec issue about Monumental Ambitions. Having worked in a few countries and a few high end projects as an Architect, her Architectural influence is evident in a vast majority of her works from drawings, sculptures, paintings and jewellery making.

Her vast creativity and passions for visual communication, sculpture, art, photography, materials, design and space, encourage her to continue pursuing her Artistic career in conjunction with her Architectural Practice. She continues to explore different artistic mediums where she feels she can portray aesthetics, intrigue, mystery and explore abstract conceptual ideas.


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