Freezing Irkutsk II

Li Ye

Lake Baikal, Russia. It was one day swept by heavy snow.

Li Ye was born in 1975 and now live in Lhasa, Tibet. He started photography around 2010. The original idea came from traveling, trying to record the most beautiful side of the planet. He has been in this profession for eight years.

He hope, in his photos, to catch a few memorable images, such as a state of existence of the locals, a perfect sunrise, met a stranger, these pictures are transient. He's been traveling around the world, and took lots of photos. On a daily basis, he is a writer, writing articles for many magazines or media.

At the same time, he is also engaged in graphic design. He would like to use photography to tell the story of man and nature, the river, the mountains, the wind blowing through the land, and the people living in this land. What is being filmed is a personal project to record local festivals in Tibet that could take years. "Of course, photography is my life, and I want to make it the best", says Li Ye.


Collections: Landscape, Li Ye

Category: baykal, bench, boat, clouds, landscape, russia, snow

Type: Art Photography

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