Where it all begins II

Fadwa Rouhana

Land Series : Taken in the bare mountains of Jericho and the Dead Sea, in this theme I seek to visualise the space of absence in the Palestinian consciousness, and to search for features of the Palestinian diaspora on the surface of its motherland.Fadwa Rouhana is a Palestinian photographer born in Haifa and located in Bethlehem.

The lens is the window through which I try to contemplate life and its meaning, how people are living it, their hopes and their hardships, their relation with their place and their environment, with their past and with their reality. It is her way to understand the whole human experience and to find her place inside it.

My photographic work had developed through my own experimental efforts in a long journey with the camera. Being raised in a place shattered by hurdles and injustice, the camera became an existential necessity, my asset to connect to a reality that had always rendered me estranged and alienated, as a woman and as a human being.


Collections: Fadwa Rouhana, Landscape

Category: dark, fog, landscape, light, mountain, valley

Type: Art Photography

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