Vienna One day I will be ready with this Project

Andrea Ehrenreich

Vienna is a city with one of the best qualities for living there all over the world. This city has many faces and many colors. This big collage is a walk around and through this city. Vienna has many tress, because of this “green”, has a social tradition, because of this “red”, is located at the Danube river because of this “blue”, beside of many old and of course new buildings.

At the moment I am working on a book -about Vienna with Polaroid photos.Maybe I l close soon this project, because we are thinking with my husband to move in countryside, 80 km away from Vienna.

Andrea Ehrenreich (Slovakia) was born 1966 in Bratislava. Very early, already when she was a child she was interested in architecture and photography. In her profession as an architect, she has been cooperating in many big and small projects. She has been working on some of hers interior projects too.

As a child, she took photos with her father, who was a proud owner of a Flexaret camera (made in Czechoslovakia). She returned to photography in 2005. In 2005-2006 she was visiting Fotoschule (Photo school) Vienna. Since this time, she began to take photography more seriously. Living in a wonderful city like Vienna, it makes her very proud to have taken part in some local architecture projects refurbishing old buildings and building up new ones.

Photography gives her more freedom in her artistic expression. Especially using Polaroidphotography, she goes back to her roots to be creative. At the same time it is essential to her, to be able to feel the spirit of an interesting building, and to catch a certain atmosphere in architecture photos.



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