Thirsty Elephants

Gabi Guiard

Gabi Guiard (Spain), publicist by profession, was born in 1972 in Badalona, a city by the sea. From his early years he felt very drawn to the small wonders that the Mediterranean Sea can offer.

But it would not be until years later that he discovered a contact with the nature difficult to find, the light and the wildlife of a continent which would transform him forever: Africa. 

Here is where his real passion for capturing the animal world through photography started. This is a land that fills him with happiness and allows him to be very creative. Where he feels and observes the fragile balance between life and death. 

He captures through his viewfinder the wonderful performance which is the struggle for survival.His shots are his individual way of preserving a world that we are destroying and that belongs to ALL OF US.


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