The Abandoned Chair

Allan Myles

Meryem. Degas-inspired piece from Allan Myles’ The abandoned Chair series, a tale of abandonment and oblivion, of discovery and repurposing. An inanimate object once discarded and forgotten among the urban mist of Glasgow’s lanes, but now rescued and put to use. Brought to life by living bodies, a wooden chair showing us how beauty and decay can precariously, but inherently, coexist.

Allan Myles (UK) is a Glasgow-based artist with a background in commercial photography and cinematography. He set up his photographic studio in 1986 in Scotland and his work has since then brought him everywhere in the world. Notable clients include Hong Kong’s Nat Geo/Kia, Singapore’s Visa, IBM, HP, Mercedes and Nokia, Japan’s Citizen Watches and Toyota as well as New Zealand’s Visa among others.

Throughout his career he has won several awards, such as the prestigious New York Festival and six Cannes Bronze Lions for his Stolichnaya Vodka, Wonderbra and ESPN works. Over the past ten years, Allan’s work has gradually shifted into moving pictures and he has shot over fifty commercials as a Director of Photography for major companies, including Visa, UOB, McDonald’s, HTC, AXA Business UK and the St John Ambulance.

Most recently, Allan has moved into directing as well, with Hilton Astoria Maldives and Ikea Asia among noteworthy projects. Despite having built a career in visual advertising, Allan has always approached his work with an artistic mindset, which he nurtured over the years through his personal artworks of portraiture and human form studies.


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Category: ballerina, chair, fashion, pose, woman

Type: Art Photography

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