Sandro Sardoz

Enough of the ham beam in the Dark Attic to Read. Two Readers read in complete silence until Sunset.
Portrait. Autoshot. Self. tripod.

Sandro Sardoz (Croatiawas born in 1967 in Pula, Istra. He sees himself as a lover of photos, not as a photographer. He loves self-portraits, although  he takes photographs across all genres.

 A few years ago in Pula, He discovered a wonderfully abandoned, decadent and fantastic place. It has a melancholy decadence, and he always wondered how functional, well-ordered, clean and full of life this places once were.

Now He places himself into the scene. He put himself in the present and create surreal scenes and situations, without costumes or clothing. He almost always present himself with his body and his poses. The scene is realised through solitude, quiet  and human creation. When the camera clicks,there is never anyone behind it. He sets the shutter release in advance and run into the scene, while the timer counts down twelve seconds.

Over the years he has used every square centimetre of this place and loved them. He unfortunately longer have access to it, as those former barracks of the Yugoslav army are now closed. He also take photographs in abandoned hospitals and factories, but it becomes more and more difficult for him to find new places in Pula.

Collections: Landscape, Sandro Sardoz

Category: body, book, landscape, light, men, night

Type: Art Photography

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