Pillars of Light

Julian Greaves

EDP Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal, designed by Aires Mateus and constructed in 2019. The building was conceived as a beacon of light and air and I've tried to capture the essence of this design intent in my image.

Julian Greaves is a photographer, currently living in Somerset, England.

His enthusiasm for photography began in the early 80's when he was a teenager at art college. He had a little dark room at home where he learned the basics of dark-room processing and travelled the land making images of wild places.

His passion at the time was for black and white landscape photography  and I was, of course, influenced by the great, Ansel Adams. 

Life took its course and the years slipped by but he never stopped looking at the landscape as if through the photographer's lens, always composing and visualising an image. Then, once again, one day out of the blue, an insatiable urge took hold and he was powerless to resist. Photography had returned to his life. 

This second time round, everything had changed in the world of photography. It was the digital age and he was a ready convert. With the power of photoshop at his fingertips, he could begin to make his own art from his visions, with the photograph as a starting point. The freedom and possibilities are endless and the journey of discovery has no end in sight!


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