Gone with the Wind

Carmit Rozenzvig

"Image was taken in a basement of a house. The idea behind this image is to create an illusion of an angel opening the doors and letting the good enter, surrounding itself with much light and positivity."

Carmit Rozenzvig (USA), was born and raised in Israel and currently live in New-York. She's a full time mom of 4 beautiful kids trying to manoeuvre her life as a mom/wife with her passion. 

She started focusing on photography 7 years ago, even though she always enjoyed taking pictures, she was never really serious about it until she got my first DSLR, it felt like she discovered the world for the first time in her life! In the beginning she shot every little thing she saw, experimenting her camera and her new passion, but in time she came to realise that what she enjoy best is capturing people, sharing those special times, special moments with them and making it a beautiful memory for life.


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