Electric Blue Water | Hyams Beach

Jordan Robins

Rays of sunlight dancing upon the sea floor and being reflected back up onto the surface.  Captured on a stunning day when the water was crystal clear at Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay.

Jordan Robins is an international award winning, self-taught ocean wildlife and ocean art photographer based in Jervis Bay. 

Jordan is recognised for his “Over/Under” photography – a style of underwater photography which captures both above and below the water in one image. This technique brilliantly combines the familiar terrestrial world with alien marine worlds.

Jordan hopes that his photography can inspire others, while helping to increase awareness around the ocean environment’s fragility, and need for preservation – so future generations can engage and enjoy it as much as he does.


Collections: Jordan Robins, Landscape

Category: landscape, ocean, sand, underwater

Type: Art Photography

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