Door Closed

Dasha Pears

Origamis in Dasha's work are always a symbol. In this case they represent some beliefs that can blind us and stop from living our lives fully and moving forward. Will the character ever be able to free herself from those old belief butterflies? Will she ever realize that they don't serve her anymore? Will she ever be able to open the door behind her and enter a new life with new stories and new possibilities? That's the mystery that each viewer has to solve for himself.

Dasha Pears (Russia) is an award-winning conceptual photographer, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Dasha uses the instruments of surrealism, color, and photography to speak about deepest psychological matters, including emotions, states of mind and mind shifts. She started her photographic path in 2011, after reaching burnout in a marketing communications career.

Having tried many types of photography, Dasha found herself in the conceptual and fine art sphere. Since then her images have been exhibited in Russia, France, Poland, Austria, Italy and Finland. Dasha’s photographs can be found on covers of books published in Europe, the United States and South America.

In 2016 Dasha started sharing her experience of organizing conceptual photography shoots and producing surrealist artworks in the form of creative photography workshops. Since then she has held over 15 events in Finland and abroad.


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