The Decline of the Empire I

Thomas Fisher

I like to play with substances on the human body during my photographic creations. Clay imposed itself to me for this creation at the beginning of an unknown figure.  Clay was applied step by step and I saw the birth of a kind of mummy of an empress of former times.

My empress was as mysterious as interesting depending of different angles of view and shots.  When the clay after drying began to fall into dust, the title was born: "The Decline of the Empire".

Thomas Fisher (France) was born in 1960 in Germany and living in France since 1984. He consider himself as an experienced and curious photographer.

He is constantly seeking to renew himself. Photography is a real driving force and stimulator of creativity. He is interested in photography in general, and in portraits and nudes in a particular way. 

In the portrait and the nude, the human being is self-sufficient, he is the finality from the start. People often differentiate between the portrait and the nude even though these two fields are similar and are in the same continuity. A portrait can be a nude and a nude can be a portrait.

The nude is paradoxical because it reveals both our fragility and our strength. His wish is to capture and share moments of emotion, joy, sadness, with a deep sense of aesthetics. He would like to thank very warmly all the people who trusted him by accepting to expose their fragility as well as their strength, to play roles, sometimes complicated, sometimes funny and very often melancholic.


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