Death Inside

David Donald Sutherland

Acrylic on canvas, 153x94cm, great condition. Recommended gallery price : minimum of US$30,000-50,000. Similar artworks have been sold to Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, etc. for up to US$100,000.

David Donald Sutherland born June 25th, 1989, originally from Detroit, MI, is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, California.

He began his work as an artist in 2010 after leaving the United States Coast Guard. Almost immediately after moving to Los Angeles David began exhibiting in local group exhibitions. Over the years his work has evolved into the refined style that he practices today.

The artist has few words to explain the paintings because for him as the artist, the act of painting works as sublimation, and therefore requires little explanation. The meaning of sublimation within the realm of psychoanalysis implies a socially acceptable defense mechanism to work through unconscious drives. The act of putting words onto the drive therefore contains it.

David chooses to minimize attachment of meaning onto the paintings because for him with each visitation or viewing of the piece is achieved a new uniquely cathartic experience. When working through heartache, that is what the painting is about. The same painting is then used to work through a set of childhood traumas. The physical fluidity represented in the work is the very same representation of its meaning. The colors and shapes within the pieces are often reductive reference points seeded to stimulate the development of said reflective experiences. Created through and for means of expressing the core internal conflicts and exaltations which make us all human is where his works find their universal appeal for those open to examining themselves through what they reflect unto the physical world.

David's work has been exhibited in the LA, New York Seattle, as well as London, and can be found in notable individual, corporate, and institutional collections around the world. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.


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Category: abstract art, acrylic on canva, collector, painting

Type: Painting

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