Dark Room IV

Rutam Rane

"Dark Room" was shot primarily to re-imagine the process of boudoir photography. The concept entailed merging two distinct arts of shooting and developing film into one sensual yet abstract package. The other underlying inspiration included turning the human form into surreal landscapes as seen in science fiction film adaptations of 80s (ala Dune).

This project was shot over a two hour period in atypical low-key lighting conditions where lights were directed and reflected at the model at unconventionally odd angles adding to the surrealism of the final set of photographs.

Rutam's work can be described as being aesthetically normative with a subtle rebellious twist. Working with fresh-faces under unconventional light and styling setups, he’s been successful in bringing a unique perspective to conventional fashion and glamour photography.

Rutam plays the part of a white collared brand manager, spreadsheet enthusiast and sales strategist during the day and slips into bouts of camera-addiction at night. Based in both Mumbai, India and Dnipro, Ukraine, he’s had the good fortune of shooting a wide variety of interesting models of various artistic leanings against colourful, odd and arcane vistas.


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