Francky Art / Pookky

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with up and coming French Artist Francky Art A.K.A. Pookky. His artworks, only limited to 8 copies worldwide, are only available by contacting us here.

Not "street artist" but "Lounge Artist" or rather wall decorator half ambidextrous. Forced to give up his career as landscaper, Pookky then feels the need to express himself through of art since 2010. Little by little, he acquires enough experience, encouragement and confidence to start a second lifededicated to his passion. Self-taught in his artistic practice, the young plastic artist realizes many compositions made from paint, collage, stencil, resin, print digital and various objects recovered from here and there.

Ripped, crumpled then completely or partially covered, the printed support is sees "mistreated" according to the moods of the artist. Thus, through the use of these many mixed techniques that he associates with a multicolored palette, POKKY reinterprets with pronounced humor, a touch of irreverence and a beautiful generosity the portraits of icons of the entertainment world, also focusing on shed light on some of the political and social debates that are "tearing apart" our contemporary society.

Powerfully colored and imprints of a claimed dynamic whose aesthetics are drawn as much in Pop Art than in Street art, POOKKY's works seem to reflect, more than the subject itself, the personality of artist, positive and sincere.