Polar Bear, the French street artist.

Polar Bear, the French street artist.

September 28, 2023

Originally from Bordeaux, Polar Bear is the name of a French street artist who currently lives and works in Paris.

It is the materials that he finds on the streets of the French capital that he uses as supports for his unique stencils. Once he has an idea in mind he creates his stencils from photographs and sometimes a bit from drawings. He works on a computer with a digital palette and he prints the different layers before cutting them by hand.

Among the subjects that he uses there are some that are quite recurrent such as childhood, utopia, nature and dreams. He seeks to make pieces that convey a protest message.

Very committed to the environment, many of his works deal with this subject and especially the animal cause with endangered species.

One of his emblematic aphorisms is "dont make us history", which he associates with the visual of endangered species: elephants, tigers, orangutans ...